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Geek History Lesson

Jan 28, 2020

Jean-Luc Picard has returned in Star Trek: Picard, so it's the perfect time for Geek History Lesson to determine the BEST episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation! Beaming into the podcast is special guest John Champion (Co-Host of Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast)

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Jan 21, 2020

Who is Guy Gardner? It's time for the hosts of Geek History Lesson to teach you about the third Earth Green Lantern in DC Comics and where he could show up in the DC Films and TV Shows. 

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Jan 14, 2020

Who are the greatest Batman artists of all time? We decide the Dark Knight's greatest artistic contributions with special guest Jace Milam of the Comic Source Podcast -

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Jan 7, 2020

Our first Movie Retrospective of 2020 is the undisputed classic: 1997's BATMAN & ROBIN. Welcome to our COOL PARTY!

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